We started We are Serverless after working together at a major UK charity, where we transitioned the organisation and it's thinking towards Serverless, this resulted in a 93% yearly cost reduction and frictionless scalability - a journey which caught the attention of the industry.

In 2019, we were asked to present our case study at AWS Summit London and subsequently were asked to consult with a number of AWS customers looking to undergo similar transformations. These included the Cabinet Office, Just Giving and Cancer Research to name but a few.

We believe that once teams work to transition one part of their stack, the advantages it unlocks will kick-start transformational momentum for their organisation.

How we can help

We work with your team to identify opportunities in your stack and design your road map to Serverless success


1. Opportunity assessment

Identify your highest value Serverless opportunities, biggest areas of waste or highest risk components of your current stack.


2. Build serverless applications

Need an application fast? Build your serverless application with our expert team.


3. Scaling & up-skill

Your team is key to your success, we’ll work with them to improve systems performance at scale.


AWS Specialists

We have in depth knowledge and experience of running very high traffic applications at extreme load, we understand how to get it done, the pitfalls and how to walk away with the most cost effective solution. Whether you are looking to build a high traffic journey using React & Lambda or an online shop hosted on Fargate, we have the experience.



API Gateway

API Gateway





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Case Study

Comic Relief Serverless Transformation

Finding a solution to inconsistent and unpredictable traffic, scaling only when necessary and reducing costs by over 93%.

Why go serverless?

In unpredictable times, it’s never been more important to ensure scaling isn’t a limiting factor for your business. Prepare for the unexpected. Serverless allows for practically infinite scaling and you only pay for what you use.

Focus on adding value

Going serverless-first means you’ll be doing less admin & devops and have your digital teams return to where they can produce more value, i.e. writing business critical & business transforming products.

Remove waste

Cloud migration is the first step in hosting efficiency, but why stop there? Whether you’re on shared or dedicated instances, you will be paying for unused CPU, memory and storage. Transitioning to a Serverless infrastructure removes waste while mitigating the risk on unexpected increases in traffic.

Get in touch

Contact us now to set up a free consultation with a member of the We Are Serverless team. We are currently operating a fully remote service - we can’t wait to help.